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Web software applications are increasingly being deployed in sensitive situations. Web applications are used to transmit, accept and store data that is personal, company confidential and sensitive. Input validation testing (IVT) checks user inputs to ensure that they conform to the program's requirements, which is particularly important for software that(More)
Input validation refers to checking user inputs to a program to ensure that they conform to expectations of the program. Input validation is used to check the format of numbers and strings, check the length of strings, and to ensure that strings do not contain invalid characters. Input validation testing (IVT) is particularly important for software that has(More)
Scalp soft tissue expansion is one of the key medical techniques to generate new skin tissue for correcting various abnormalities and defects of skin in plastic surgery. Therefore, it is very important to work out the appropriate approach to evaluate the increase of expanded scalp area and to predict the shape, size, number, and placement of the expander. A(More)
Tetracycline antibiotics are widely used in livestock, and tetracycline resistance genes (TRG) are frequently reported in the manure of farmed animals. However, the diversity of TRG-carrying transposons in manure has still been rarely investigated. Using a culture-free functional metagenomic procedure, combined with large-insert library construction and(More)
This dissertation addresses two problems related to the management of data and information in wide-area distributed systems: distributed shared state and peer-to-peer information retrieval. Distributed applications typically resort to ad-hoc protocols built on top of remote invocation (e.g., Sun RPC or Java RMI) to maintain the coherence and consistency of(More)
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