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Portals and Portlets are emerging technologies and gaining lot of popularity. Portals are gaining attention among programmers due to their ease in development, richness in functionality, customization of interface and pluggable architecture. With this popularity today there are many open source Portal Frameworks available and list of these open source(More)
Interdisciplinary challenges in research today require increasingly cooperation among researchers. The demand for building up Virtual Research Environments (VRE) becomes more and more urgent than ever before. Built on top of web, VRE systems aim at supporting research activities with much more efficient methods for sharing data and knowledge bases. In this(More)
Species within the fungal genus Pestalotiopsis have become a topic of research in many microbial-chemical and pharmacological laboratories because they contain structurally complex, biologically active metabolites. This article is a follow-up to a previous review (Xu, Ebada, and Proksch, Fungal Divers 44:15–31, 2010). It focuses particularly on new findings(More)
BACKGROUND There is ample evidence that Hsp70 takes part in the progress of coronary heart disease (CHD). This implies that genetic variants of Hsp70 genes such as HSPA8 (HSC70) gene might contribute to the development of CHD. The present study aimed to investigate whether certain genetic variants of HSPA8 gene are associated with CHD in Han Chinese people.(More)
This paper mainly deals with the target detecting problem using polarimetric Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO) radar with unknown covariance matrix. And the GLRT-based receiver is devised by resorting to the two-step design procedure. Specifically, the GLRT is devised with known covariance, and then, a suitable estimate of covariance is obtained(More)
The high species richness of tropical forests has long been recognized, yet there remains substantial uncertainty regarding the actual number of tropical tree species. Using a pantropical tree inventory database from closed canopy forests, consisting of 657,630 trees belonging to 11,371 species, we use a fitted value of Fisher's alpha and an approximate(More)
Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) have been attracting immense research interests. However, only a handful of lncRNAs had been thoroughly characterized. They were involved in fundamental cellular processes including regulation of gene expression at epigenetics as well as tumorogenesis. In this paper, we give a systematic and comprehensive review of existing(More)