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Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have a vast field of applications, including environment monitoring, battlefield surveillance and target tracking systems. As WSNs are usually deployed in remote or even hostile environments and sensor nodes are prone to node compromise attacks, the adoption of dynamic key management is extremely important. However, the(More)
Wireless sensor networks have received wide attention recently across the indoor and outdoor applications. On the other hand, more and more application scenarios require sensor nodes to be mobile, which imposes new technological challenges for security. Key management is the core for secure data communications among the resource-constrained sensor nodes. In(More)
Noble gas (41)Ar was measured with a 4πβ-4πγ coincidence system, in which gamma- and beta-rays were respectively detected with a well-type NaI(Tl) and plastic scintillator (PS) detector. The activity of (41)Ar was determined from an efficiency extrapolation method, in which the beta detector efficiency was varied by electronic discrimination using the(More)
The random packet sampling method is the simplest methodology for reducing the amount of packets that the network monitoring system has to process. However, the accuracy of anomaly detection is affected by the fact that this method biases a large IP flow. In order to reduce the impact of sampled traffic on network anomaly detecting, an adaptive traffic(More)
The fission gaseous (138)Xe products play an important role in the research of nuclear-reaction products and radioisotope applications. Therefore, precise data for emission probabilities of gamma-ray from decay of (138)Xe are highly desired. However, a high precision is not achievable with a sufficient accuracy due to the limitations of the usual(More)
In this work, a secure wireless sensor network (WSN) for the surveillance, monitoring and protection of critical infrastructures was developed. To guarantee the security of the system, the main focus was the implementation of a unique security concept, which includes both security on the communication level, as well as mechanisms that ensure the functional(More)
A radiochemical procedure is developed for the determination of Np in soil with multi-collector inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry (MC-ICP-MS) and gamma-spectrometry. Np (milked from Am) was used as an isotopic tracer for chemical yield determination. The neptunium in the soil is separated by thenoyl-trifluoracetone extraction from 1 M HNO3(More)
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