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In this paper we consider feature selection for face recognition using both labeled and unlabeled data. We introduce the weighted feature space in which the global separability between different classes is maximized and the local similarity of the neighboring data points is preserved. By integrating the global and local structures, a general optimization(More)
— In this paper, we investigate the global adaptive synchronization problem for a class of supply chain complex networks that have nonlinearly coupled identical nodes and an asymmetrical coupling matrix. We derive, in particular, a sufficient condition for global synchronization when the coupling strength is not excessively large by applying a suitably(More)
This paper considers two additional factors of the widely researched vehicle routing problem with time windows VRPTW. The two factors, which are very common characteristics in realworld, are uncertain number of vehicles and simultaneous delivery and pickup service. Using minimization of the total transport costs as the objective of the extension VRPTW, a(More)
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