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—We validate Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) sea surface salinity (SSS) retrieved during August 2010 from the European Space Agency SMOS processing. Biases appear close to land and ice and between ascending and descending orbits; they are linked to image reconstruction issues and instrument calibration and remain under study. We validate the SMOS(More)
BACKGROUND Farnesoid X receptor (FXR) regulates tumorigenesis, but its clinical significance in gallbladder cancer (GBC) remains unclear. This study investigated its clinical and prognostic significance in GBC patients, as well as its association with the anti-apoptotic protein, myeloid cell leukemia sequence 1 (MCL1) protein. METHODS FXR and MCL1(More)
The ESA/SMOS (European Space Agency/Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity) satellite mission provides new measurements of Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) using L-band radiometry. At that frequency, the skin depth is 1 centimeter while most in situ measurements used for the calibration and validation of SMOS measurements are taken at 5 m depth or deeper. A preliminary(More)