Xiaobin Lin

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In a biologically plausible but computationally simplified integrate-and-fire neuronal population, it is observed that transient synchronized spikes can occur repeatedly. However, groups with different properties exhibit different periods and different patterns of synchrony. We include learning mechanisms in these models. The effects of(More)
An N,N'-dioxide/scandium(III) complex catalyzed, highly efficient conjugate addition of malonic esters to enynes is described. A range of trisubstituted 1,2-allenyl ketones were obtained in high yields (up to 99 %) with good d.r. (up to 95/5) and excellent ee values (97 %-99 %). Moreover, the products could be easily transformed into chiral furan and(More)
— We constructed a new model of an olfactory system with expanded integrate and fire neurons to explore its behaviors with external inputs. The model is built in according to the reliable medical and anatomical data about biological olfactory systems. Expanded integrate and fire neurons become synchronized when the external inputs fall in a small range,(More)
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