Xiaobin Chu

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Phase transformation is an important strategy in biomineralization. However, the role of biomolecules in the mineral transition is poorly understood despite the fact that the biomineralization society greatly highlights the organic controls in the formation of the inorganic phase. Here, we report an induced biomimetic phase transformation from brushite (a(More)
Although phase transformation is suggested as a key step in biomineralization, the chemical scenario about how organic molecules mediate inorganic phase transformations is still unclear. The inhibitory effect of amino acids on hydroxyapatite (HAP, the main inorganic component of biological hard tissues such as bone and enamel) formation was concluded by the(More)
Inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) imaging at low SNR ratio is not resolved completely. The SNR increases in time-frequency domain over the one in the time or the frequency domain alone both theoretically and numerically. This shows advantage of time-frequency analysis technique for ISAR imaging at low SNR. The reassigned Gabor spectrogram(More)
An understanding of controlled formation of biomimetic mesocrystals is of great importance in materials chemistry and engineering. Here we report that organic-inorganic hybrid plates and even mesocrystals can be conveniently synthesized using a one-pot reaction in a mixed system of protein (bovine serum albumin (BSA)), surfactant (sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl)(More)
Main research in this paper is the DA(data acquisition) system design which based on the USB and MMC. According a USB's chip correlation hardware information, USB protocol, DA systematic structure and singlechip computer information, a hardware development solution was come out in the design. This solution consists of the data acquisition module hardware(More)
Study the effects of ocean acidification on coral calcification and Phase transformation of CaCO 3 in biology and geochemistry. In doctoral period: Study the adsorption and assembly of organic matrix on inorganic crystal surface by AFM and phase transformation of inorganic minerals; modification of additives on the growth and dissolution of inorganic(More)
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