Xiaobiao Wu

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In Australia, remotely sensed Landsat data is routinely used for mapping and monitoring changes in the extent of woody perennial vegetation. Time series remotely sensed satellite imagery and ground information is used to form multi-temporal classifications of presence/absence of woody cover. Two broad-scale operational land cover change and monitoring(More)
In this communication, a novel electrolyte additive, N,N-diallyic-diethyoxyl phosphamide (DADEPA), is described for the first time to improve the thermal stability of lithiated graphite anode in Li-ion batteries. The differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) measurement demonstrated that when the graphite was lithiated in the 5% DADEPA-containing electrolyte,(More)
In order to improve the multi-target tracking performance of Doppler radar in the presence of Doppler blind zone (DBZ), the detection probability model with minimum detectable velocity (MDV) is incorporated into Gaussian mixture cardinality balanced multi-target multi-Bernoulli (GM-CBMeMBer) filter. After integrating the new detection probability model into(More)
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