Xiaobei Liang

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In this paper, the fuzzy variation coefficients programming is discussed, and the multi-objectives evaluation method is put forward in the supplier relationship management, the major thoughts are: First choosing n different suppliers evaluation criterion to be a n-dimensions space, every suppliers information is a point in this space, then we can calculate(More)
The positive relation between stock price changes and trading volume (price–volume relationship) as a stylized fact has attracted significant interest among finance researchers and investment practitioners. However, until now, consensus has not been reached regarding the causes of the relationship based on real market data because extracting valuable(More)
This paper points out the research of Competitive Intelligence Organization of Dynamic Alliance (CIODA) in e-commerce and analyzes the frame and the operation flow of CIODA with the modeling tools such as IDEF0 and IDEF3. Then it studies the complexity as well as the solution mentality of CIODA
In this paper, using the theories of large system control synthetically, beginning with the fact of supply chain operation, a new idea of large system's multi-channel control of supply chain harmonious operation is discussed, in addition presents the case analysis of the rag trade supply chain operation
In this paper, the pension control approach to observer-based fault detection systems intelligent designing is discussed. Considering the L<sub>2</sub>-gain of residual system, this paper deals the observer-based fault detection problem. By using of H<sub>¿</sub> control theory, a linear matrix inequality approach to design fault detection observer is(More)
Customer relationship management (CRM) has gained lately widespread popularity in many industries. With the development of economy and society, customers are unsatisfied with the stereotyped products. As customers usually describe their demands in nature language, the demands are often conflicting with each other and are often imprecise. The paper studies(More)
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