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In this paper we propose the first method known to the authors that successfully differentiates spontaneous from posed facial expressions using a realistic training corpus. We propose a new spatiotemporal local texture descriptor (CLBP-TOP) that outperforms other descrip-tors. We demonstrate that our temporal interpolation and visual/near-infrared fusion(More)
Facial micro-expressions are rapid involuntary facial expressions which reveal suppressed affect. To the best knowledge of the authors, there is no previous work that successfully recognises spontaneous facial micro-expressions. In this paper we show how a temporal interpolation model together with the first comprehensive spontaneous micro-expression corpus(More)
— Micro-expressions are short, involuntary facial expressions which reveal hidden emotions. Micro-expressions are important for understanding humans' deceitful behavior. Psychologists have been studying them since the 1960's. Currently the attention is elevated in both academic fields and in media. However, while general facial expression recognition (FER)(More)
Heart rate is an important indicator of people's physiological state. Recently, several papers reported methods to measure heart rate remotely from face videos. Those methods work well on stationary subjects under well controlled conditions, but their performance significantly degrades if the videos are recorded under more challenging conditions,(More)
—Micro-expression is a brief involuntary facial expression which reveals genuine emotions and helps detect lies. It intrigues psychologists and computer scientists' (especially on computer vision and pattern recognition) interests due to its promising applications in various fields. Recent research reveals that color may provide useful information for(More)
myo-Inositol monophosphatase (IMPase) plays a pivotal role in the intracellular phosphatidylinositol cell signaling pathway. It has attracted considerable attention as a putative therapeutic target for lithium therapy in the treatment of bipolar disorder. A trio of activated cofactor Mg²⁺ ions is required for inositol monophosphate hydrolysis by IMPase. In(More)
Micro-expressions are brief involuntary facial expressions that reveal genuine emotions and, thus, help detect lies. Because of their many promising applications, they have attracted the attention of researchers from various fields. Recent research reveals that two perceptual color spaces (CIELab and CIELuv) provide useful information for expression(More)
—Micro-expressions (MEs) are rapid, involuntary facial expressions which reveal emotions that people do not intend to show. Studying MEs is valuable as recognizing them has many important applications, particularly in forensic science and psychotherapy. However, analyzing spontaneous MEs is very challenging due to their short duration and low intensity.(More)