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In Xuan Wei County, Yunnan Province, lung cancer mortality is among China's highest and, especially in females, is more closely associated with indoor burning of "smoky" coal, as opposed to wood or "smokeless" coal, than with tobacco smoking. Indoor air samples were collected during the burning of all three fuels. In contrast to wood and smokeless coal(More)
Recent neuroimaging and postmortem studies have reported abnormalities in white matter of schizophrenic brains, suggesting the involvement of oligodendrocytes in the etiopathology of schizophrenia. This view is being supported by gene microarray studies showing the downregulation of genes related to oligodendrocyte function and myelination in schizophrenic(More)
Sheath blight (ShB) caused by the soil-borne pathogen Rhizoctonia solani is one of the most devastating diseases in rice world-wide. Global attention has focused on examining individual mapping populations for quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for ShB resistance, but to date no study has taken advantage of association mapping to examine hundreds of lines for(More)
Harvest index is a measure of success in partitioning assimilated photosynthate. An improvement of harvest index means an increase in the economic portion of the plant. Our objective was to identify genetic markers associated with harvest index traits using 203 O. sativa accessions. The phenotyping for 14 traits was conducted in both temperate (Arkansas)(More)
Oxidative damage of biomolecules increases with age and is postulated to be a major causal factor of various physiological function disorders. Consequently, the concept of anti-age by antioxidants has been developed. Lycium barbarum fruits have been used as a traditional Chinese herbal medicine and the data obtained in in vitro models have clearly(More)
What makes one person socially insightful but mathematically challenged, and another musically gifted yet devoid of a sense of direction? Individual differences in general cognitive ability are thought to be mediated by "generalist genes" that affect many cognitive abilities similarly without specific genetic influences on particular cognitive abilities(More)
The perirhinal cortex has recently been implicated in the kindling of limbic generalized seizures. The following experiments in rats tested the selectivity of the perirhinal cortex's epileptogenic properties by comparing its kindling profile with those of the adjacent insular cortex, posterior (dorsolateral) claustrum and amygdala. The first experiment(More)
The substantia nigra pars reticulata (SNpr) has been proposed to play an important role in the control of the propagation and/or the generation of epileptic seizures. Earlier studies have shown differential effects of the lesion of the SNpr on seizure genesis that demonstrated a regional difference in the anterior and posterior parts of the SNpr in(More)
The effect of some selective monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors on aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase (AADC) gene expression in PC12 cells has been examined. Irreversible MAO B inhibitors [(-)-deprenyl, pargyline, and MDL 72,974A] stimulated AADC gene expression, whereas a selective irreversible MAO A inhibitor (clorgyline) and a reversible MAO B inhibitor(More)
Our previous studies demonstrated resveratrol (Res) administration protected Alzheimer's disease (AD) rats from developing memory decline by anti-oxidation. Beta-amyloid peptide 1-42 (Aβ1-42) is not only the primary protein component of senile plaques in AD but also is believed to play an important part in its pathology. Increasing evidence has shown(More)