Xiaoan Tang

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With the development of GIS, it is in great need of integration of multi-source heterogeneous spatial data at different scales. Most of the existing scale generalization algorithms aim at particular types of geo-spatial objects, which are short of versatility. Based on the functional classification and the definition of multi-scale generalization operators,(More)
This paper presents a kind of visualization model for electromagnetic signals according to battle actualities and tactics needs. In modern battles, complex electromagnetic environment is difficult to control as its invisibility and variety. According with the requirement of tactics application, the proposed model provides a new way to simulate(More)
As an important characteristic of geo-spatial elements, scale has become an important aspect in GIS study. However, the existing algorithms mainly solve scale generalization problems of some specific types of data in 2D, which are not suitable for multi-elements integration of general GIS environment, especially in 3D GIS. With the help of ideas and methods(More)
In order to make a military system more practicable, dynamic and scalable, task-oriented geospatial information service for battlefield (BGIS) need to be established. Information Integration is important means and essential precondition of BGIS construction, so BGIS was researched on from three aspects: service mode integration, service data integration and(More)
A dynamic analysis tools integration model based on geo-workflow is presented, through the analysis of the sea battlefield environmental analysis process. Geo-workflow is a new technology to manage spatial processes, but its methodology, especially scheduling of data flow, is till weak. In the paper, the traditional workflow model is extended and a modeling(More)
High performance, dynamic customization, and automatization had become new requirements for the battlefield environment support system in the high-tech local wars, so task-oriented service platform for battlefield environment information(TSPBEI) need to be realized. Firstly, A task-oriented integration framework was established, which supporting(More)
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