XiaoNa Wei

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Increasing numbers of proteins, nucleic acids and other molecular entities have been explored as therapeutic targets, hundreds of which are targets of approved and clinical trial drugs. Knowledge of these targets and corresponding drugs, particularly those in clinical uses and trials, is highly useful for facilitating drug discovery. Therapeutic Target(More)
Target selective drugs, such as dopamine receptor (DR) subtype selective ligands, are developed for enhanced therapeutics and reduced side effects. In silico methods have been explored for searching DR selective ligands, but encountered difficulties associated with high subtype similarity and ligand structural diversity. Machine learning methods have shown(More)
BACKGROUND Endothelial permeability is involved in injury, inflammation, diabetes and cancer. It is partly regulated by the thrombin-, histamine-, and VEGF-mediated myosin-light-chain (MLC) activation pathways. While these pathways have been investigated, questions such as temporal effects and the dynamics of multi-mediator regulation remain to be fully(More)
Drug resistance in cancer arises from a complex range of biochemical and molecular events, which ultimately result in tumor cell survival. Identifying key genes and signal pathways involved in the molecular mechanisms of drug resistance is essential for establishment of new drug targets for preventing further resistance development and spreading. Epidermal(More)
Some drugs, such as anticancer EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors, elicit markedly different clinical response rates due to differences in drug bypass signaling as well as genetic variations of drug target and downstream drug-resistant genes. The profiles of these bypass signaling are expected to be useful for improved drug response prediction, which have not(More)
In this paper, a universal verification system for satellite data management system based on AOS is proposed, in which a special digital satellite can simulate an actual satellite. Original data obtained from the digital satellite are processed by satellite data management system, and then are transferred to data management system of earth station. After(More)
Hypopharyngeal carcinoma has one of the highest mortality rates of head and neck cancer, therefore, the identification of markers associated with the pathogenesis and development of hypopharyngeal cancer is critical. Down syndrome critical region 1 (DSCR1) is associated with carcinogenesis and tumor growth in several types of malignancy. Activation of the(More)
Influenza A H7N9 virus is the latest emerging pandemic threat, and has rapidly diverged into three clades, demanding a H7N9 virus vaccine with broadened protection against unmatched strains. Hemagglutinin (HA)-based structural design approaches for stabilizing HA proteins have provided excitingly promising results. However, none of the HA-based structural(More)
First, for a process {U(t, τ)∣t ≥ τ}, we introduce a new concept, called the weak D-pullback exponential attractor, which is a family of sets {ℳ(t)∣t ≤ T}, for any T ∈ ℝ, satisfying the following: (i) ℳ(t) is compact, (ii) ℳ(t) is positively invariant, that is, U(t, τ)ℳ(τ) ⊂ ℳ(t), and (iii) there exist k, l > 0 such that dist(U(t, τ)B(τ), ℳ(t)) ≤ ke(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND Src plays various roles in tumour progression, invasion, metastasis, angiogenesis and survival. It is one of the multiple targets of multi-target kinase inhibitors in clinical uses and trials for the treatment of leukemia and other cancers. These successes and appearances of drug resistance in some patients have raised significant(More)
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