XiaoHang Zhang

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The increasing frequency of sporadic weather patterns in the last decade, especially major winter storms, demands improvements in current weather forecasting techniques. Recently , there are growing interests in stratospheric forecasting because of its potential enhancements of weather forecasts. The dominating factors of northern hemisphere wintertime(More)
We present a joint experimental and theoretical study on the desolvation of Ba(+) cations in (4)He nanodroplets excited via the 6p ← 6s transition. The experiments reveal an efficient desolvation process yielding mainly bare Ba(+) cations and Ba(+)Hen exciplexes with n = 1 and 2. The speed distributions of the ions are well described by Maxwell-Boltzmann(More)
Whereas most of the phenomena associated with superfluidity have been observed in finite-size helium systems, the nucleation of quantized vortices has proven elusive. Here we show using time-dependent density functional simulations that the solvation of a Ba(+) ion created by photoionization of neutral Ba at the surface of a (4)He nanodroplet leads to the(More)
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