XiaoHang Zhang

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The increasing frequency of sporadic weather patterns in the last decade, especially major winter storms, demands improvements in current weather forecasting techniques. Recently , there are growing interests in stratospheric forecasting because of its potential enhancements of weather forecasts. The dominating factors of northern hemisphere wintertime(More)
Whereas most of the phenomena associated with superfluidity have been observed in finite-size helium systems, the nucleation of quantized vortices has proven elusive. Here we show using time-dependent density functional simulations that the solvation of a Ba(+) ion created by photoionization of neutral Ba at the surface of a (4)He nanodroplet leads to the(More)
High resolution IR spectra of aniline, styrene, and 1,1-diphenylethylene cations embedded in superfluid helium nanodroplets have been recorded in the 300-1700 cm(-1) range using a free-electron laser as radiation source. Comparison of the spectra with available gas phase data reveals that the helium environment induces no significant matrix shift nor leads(More)
In this paper, the self-organization evolution principle of the telecommunication industry which is regarded as a complex system is studied based on dissipative structure theory and taken into account of telecommunication industry’s characteristics and practical problems. First of all, the characteristic of the dissipative structure of the(More)
We present a joint experimental and theoretical study on the desolvation of Ba(+) cations in (4)He nanodroplets excited via the 6p ← 6s transition. The experiments reveal an efficient desolvation process yielding mainly bare Ba(+) cations and Ba(+)Hen exciplexes with n = 1 and 2. The speed distributions of the ions are well described by Maxwell-Boltzmann(More)
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