XiaoBin Wang

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Shortest path tree (SPT) computation is a critical issue in many real world problems, such as routing in networks. It is also a constrained optimization problem, which has been studied by many authors in recent years. Typically, it is solved by heuristic algorithms, such as the famous Dijkstra’s algorithm, which can quickly provide a good solution in most(More)
Multistable neural networks have attracted much interests in recent years, since the monostable networks are computationally restricted. This paper studies a N linear threshold neurons recurrent networks without Self-Excitatory connections. Our studies show that this network performs a Winner-Take-All (WTA) behavior, which has been recognized as a basic(More)
In this paper, a universal decoding method is proposed to solve the problems in both base band and frequency band systems. Theoretical analysis and simulation results indicate that, the proposed decoding method shows preferable performance for suppressing NBI and is proved to be a good choice of IS-OFDM for decoding in the frequency band transmitting(More)
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