Xiao-yun Zhang

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AIM To investigate whether the use of synchronous hepatectomy and splenectomy (HS) is more effective than hepatectomy alone (HA) for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and hypersplenism. METHODS From January 2007 to March 2013, 84 consecutive patients with HCC and hypersplenism who underwent synchronous hepatectomy and splenectomy in our center(More)
OBJECTIVE The stable quality of Chinese herbal medicines is a critical factor for their reliable clinical efficiency. An improved liquid-liquid extraction procedure and a liquid chromatographic method were developed to simultaneously analyze five anthraquinones (aloe-emodin, rhein, emodin, chrysophanol and physcion) in a Chinese traditional hospital(More)
This paper presents the approach of computer simulation to clarify the questions faced by forensic experts about what causes the various injuries characteristic of two motorcycle victims, including the motorcycle driver and the back seat occupant on the motorcycle, and how to exactly confirm which one of them is the motorcycle driver. Two typical(More)
AIM To investigate the clinical role of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) combined with contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CE-CT) or magnetic resonance imaging to improve the preoperative staging of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and guide surgical decision-making. METHODS Sixty-nine patients who underwent liver resection for HCC in our center were(More)
Neurophysiological, biochemical and anatomical evidence implicates the thalamus as playing a role in epileptic seizures. Until recently, however, longitudinal characterization of in vivo thalamus dynamics had not been reported. In this study, we investigated the metabolism in the thalamus to identify the changes that occur following Coriaria lactone(More)
While bus accidents tend to draw public concerns in China, much recent research has only focused on the analyses of car accidents due to relative high rates. However, the research dedicated itself to the scope of reconstructing and analyzing traffic accidents involving bus and quasi bus vehicle. Thus, the paper here is to represent a comprehensive method(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the correlation of preoperative FibroScan value and postoperative ascites in patients undergoing liver resection for hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma (HBV-related HCC). METHODS A prospective study group of consecutive HBV-related HCC patients considered eligible for liver resection was conducted from 2012 to 2014 (N =(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the immune function of mice being given the extract of Codonopsis Radix maintained with sulfur fumigation. METHODS Mice were divided into five groups. Except the normal control group, the mice were fed with the extract of Codonopsis Radix maintained with sulfur fumigation at the high,medium and low doses, as well as medium dose of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed at computer simulation of reconstruction of vehicle-bicyclist traffic accidents and investigation of the injury characteristics. METHODS To use the model established by high performance computer and PC-Crash software to study the bicyclists and vehicles and to reconstruct the accident. RESULTS The model of computer simulation(More)