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Dwarf interstock produced smaller tree size and a more uniform leaf area spatial distribution of vegetative short shoot. These improved light interception and increased light partitioning to fruiting shoot. The agronomic efficiency of dwarf interstocks is controversial in China, where almost 90 % of apple orchards, including high-density orchards, currently(More)
The effects of scorpion venom heat resistant protein (SVHRP) (National invention patent of China, 2004-10-20, No. ZL01 1 06166.92) on the excitability of acutely isolated rat hippocampal neurons were observed by whole-cell recording and the potential molecular mechanisms underlying its antiepileptic effect were investigated further. The results showed that(More)
The effects of scorpion venom heat resistant protein (SVHRP) on sodium channel were studied in freshly isolated hippocampal neurons in rat using the whole-cell patch-clamp technique. The results indicated that tetrodotoxin-sensitive voltage-dependent sodium current in hippocampal neurons was inhibited by SVHRP in a dose-dependent manner. The half-inhibition(More)
While bus accidents tend to draw public concerns in China, much recent research has only focused on the analyses of car accidents due to relative high rates. However, the research dedicated itself to the scope of reconstructing and analyzing traffic accidents involving bus and quasi bus vehicle. Thus, the paper here is to represent a comprehensive method(More)
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