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We present the complete mitogenome of a stonefly, Cryptoperla stilifera Sivec (Plecoptera; Peltoperlidae). The mitogenome was a circular molecule consisting of 15,633 nucleotides, 37 genes and a A+T-rich region. C. stilifera mitogenome was similar to Pteronarcys princeps mitogenome (Plecoptera; Pteronarcyidae). All transfer RNA genes (tRNAs) had typical(More)
Two new species of the genus Amphinemura Ris from China are described and illustrated, i.e. A. annulata Du & Ji, sp. n. from Zhejiang, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Guizhou Province, and A. lingulata Du & Wang, sp. n. from Shaanxi and Sichuan Province. A. annulata is similar to A. tricintusidens Wang & Zhu in having an apical cavity of the epiproct, but the epiproct(More)
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