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On-road vehicle emissions have become the main source of urban air pollution and attracted broad attentions. Vehicle emission factor is a basic parameter to reflect the status of vehicle emissions, but the measured emission factor is difficult to obtain, and the simulated emission factor is not localized in China. Based on the synchronized increments of(More)
Experiments were carried out to investigate the effect of thermal enhanced soil vapor extraction (SVE) on benzene removal from sand, loam and clay and the mechanism. Compared to the routine control treatment, the benzene removal rates were improved by 13. 1% and 12. 3% and the remediation periods were reduced by 75% and 14%, from sand and loam respectively(More)
IEUBK (Integrated Exposure Uptake Biokinetic Model for Lead in Children) model was developed and recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency. In order to apply IEUBK model to China, we firstly performed sensitivity analysis, which showed that simulated blood Pb (PbB) concentration was most sensitive to soil/dust exposure pathway. In-home surveys(More)
In recent years, Cu and Zn have been widely used in pig fodders in large-scale animal feeding, causing Cu and Zn contamination in soils and effecting plants in land application of pig manure. It is of great concern to the world that pig manure is used in the dose greater than the organic fertilizer criterion. It is very important to clarify bioconcentration(More)
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