Xiao-yi Xu

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A laboratory-scale novel Sludge Reduction Reactor with Arc Guide Plate (SRR) for sludge process reduction was developed in this study. Pollutant removal efficiency and biomass yield for domestic sewage treatment in the Anaerobic/Anoxic/Oxic-SRR (A2/O-SRR) process were compared with performances in a control A2/O process. One of the competitive advantages in(More)
In this study, an advanced wastewater treatment process, the denitrifying phosphorus/side stream phosphorus removal system (DPR-Phostrip), was developed for the purpose of enhancing denitrifying phosphorus removal. The enrichment of denitrifying phosphorus-accumulating organisms (DPAOs) and the microbial community structure of DPR-Phostrip were evaluated by(More)
Humic acids (HAs) were extracted from sediments of different segments in the Jialingjiang River. Fluorescence spectroscopy, elemental analysis and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometry were used to investigate the chemical composition and structure characteristics of HAs. Elemental analysis showed that H/C, O/C, and C/N molar rations were(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the inhibitory effect of Hirsutella sinensis (HS) on epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) of renal tubular epithelial cells induced by aristolochic acid (AA) and its possible mechanism. METHODS 18 male Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly and equally divided into the following 3 groups: AA group, AA+HS group and control group.(More)
UCT is deeply influenced by COD and C/N ratios. To check this infection, the UCT system was designed to run at variety of influent COD and C/N ratios. The results show that: when the influent C/N ratio is lower than 15, the high influent concentration of COD increases the proliferation of heterotrophic bacteria and decreases the phenomenon release rate.(More)
To understand the composition, sources and contamination characteristics of PAHs in surface water from Jialing River in Chongqing, water samples were collected from 8 different sections in August 2009 and the concentrations of the 16 priority PAHs were determined using GC-MS. The results indicated that the concentration of Sigma PAHs (the total PAHs) in the(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the expression of costimulatory molecule CD40 in thyroid tissue of Graves' disease patients and understand its immune pathogenetic significance. METHODS From January 2008 to December 2011, 8 patients undergoing partial thyroidectomy for Graves' disease (n = 3) or non-toxic goiter (n = 5) at Affiliated Suzhou Hospital of Nanjing(More)
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