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Albino tea has received increased attention due to its brisk flavour. To identify changes in the key chemical constituents conveying important qualities to albino tea, the metabolite profiles of four albino cultivars and one green tea cultivar were analysed. Compared to the green tea control, significantly decreased contents of chlorophyll (Chl) (p<0.01),(More)
Hemangioma is the most common benign tumor of infancy. The aim of this study is to evaluate the biological effects of sodium morrhuate (SM) and its liposomal formulation on infantile hemangioma endothelial cells (IHECs). Morphological analysis revealed that exposure to liposomal sodium morrhuate (LSM) preferentially caused apoptotic death in IHECs,(More)
Propranolol, a non-selective β-blocker, is emerging as an effective treatment for complicated hemangiomas. The aim of this study was to investigate the molecular mechanism(s) underlying the therapeutic effects of propranolol against hemangiomas, using primary infantile hemangioma endothelial cells (IHECs). IHECs were treated with various concentrations of(More)
Pingyangmycin (also known as Bleomycin A5) is produced by Streptomyces verticillus var. pingyangensis n.sp., and has anti‑tumor activities against a variety of tumor cells. The aim of the present study was to determine the molecular mechanism(s) underlying the therapeutic effects of pingyangmycin against infantile hemangiomas. Human hemangioma‑derived(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of cycloheximide and TNF-alpha on melanocyte (MC). METHODS Melanocyte apoptosis was studied with MTT, transmitting electron microscopy and fluorescence labeling of alive cells. RESULTS We added TNF-alpha and cycloheximide in melanocytes, and the typical apoptosis appeared 24 hours later, with chromatin condensation,(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the stress and displacement distribution of 3D-FE models in three conjunctive methods of vascularized iliac bone graft for established mandibular body defects. METHODS Using computer image process technique, a series of spiral CT images were put into Ansys preprocess programe to establish three 3D-FE models of different conjunctions.(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the effect of aloesin, tea polyphenols, arbutin on melanocytes in the pigmented skin equivalent model. METHODS First, we constructed the pigmented skin equivalent model in vitro. And then we detected the effect of aloesin, tea polyphenols and arbutin on the cells' shape, tyrosinase activity and formation of melanin in the constructed(More)
PURPOSE To study the effect of simvastatin on osteoblast proliferation, differentiation and mineralization and to explore the mechanism of stimulation of bone formation by simvastatin. METHODS Six 8-hour healthy SD rats were used for the experiment. In order to harvest vital osteoblast, this research modified the traditional tissue piece method to culture(More)
OBJECTIVE To construct an in vitro equivalent of the pigmented skin using tissue engineering methods. METHODS Surgically removed foreskins was used as the source of keratinocytes and melanocytes harvested by routine tissue digestion. The fibroblasts were enriched by tissue block culture and seeded into the scaffold constructed using mouse tail collagens(More)
Combining with the characteristics of Underwater Acoustic (UWA) channel, this paper puts forward an improved MACA protocol. Based on the Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance (MACA) used for wireless communication networks, we review MACA with some related literatures at first and then analyze and improve the performances of MACA respectively from three(More)