Xiao-rong Tang

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In this paper, a 4 times3 elements coplanar feed array is designed to obtain narrower beam width, higher gain and to optimize the feed network for low-sidelobe level in the horizontal plane. In order to achieve the low-sidelobe and narrow beamwidth characteristics, the array was synthesized by means of Chebyshev distribution in the horizontal direction and(More)
A hybrid-fed dual-polarized stacked patch element with low cross-polarization and high port isolation is introduced. The proposed antenna element achieves a 10dB return loss bandwidth of 840MHz (about 15%) in C band. The crosspolarization of antenna keeps under −37dB in both orthogonal ports with the isolation remains less than −42dB in the(More)
A dual-polarized dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) of simple structure is presented with very high isolation and lower cross-polarization. Its measured isolation reaches 46.8 dB within the impedance bandwidth of larger than 12.5% by using the H/U-shaped slot coupling with multi-stub feed lines. The measured cross-polarization level is -21.4 dB and -18.1dB(More)
A new ultra-wideband printed wide-slot antenna with an inverted pi-shaped feed fed by a coplanar waveguide (CPW) is introduced. The experimental results show that the antenna has an impedance bandwidth of approximately 120% (VSWRles2) , covering 3.0~12 GHz frequency range. Comparing with some reported same-type antennas, it is noted that the size of the(More)
This paper presents a small aperture shaped ring focus reflector antenna that covers the frequency band from 7.9 GHz to 9.1 GHz, featuring a wide bandwidth, low VSWR and low-cross-polarization levels. The proposed antenna is composed of a feed horn, a polarizer, a main- and sub- reflector. To validate the concept, an antenna prototype is manufactured and(More)
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