Xiao-ran Sun

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Transferrin has shown potential in the delivery of anticancer drugs into primarily proliferating cancer cells that over-express transferrin receptors. Fulvic acid has a wide range of biological and pharmacological activities which caused widespread concerns, the interaction of fulvic acid with human serum transferrin (Tf) has great significance for gaining(More)
Transferrin has been exploited as a potential drug carrier for targeted drug delivery into cancer cells, which express high levels of transferrin receptors. In the present study, we identified specific structural features in flavonoids that were critical for binding to transferrin. Flavanone naringenin and flavonoid apigenin, two flavonoids with(More)
Using cyanine dyes supramolecular as molecular probes to mark FA has important significance in life sciences and pharmaceutical chemistry, which can detect FA as drug efficacy mechanism and the change in physiological activity. In the present paper, we investigated supramolecular assembly and chiral inducement of cyanine dyes template by FA with absorption(More)
Complexation between the primary carrier of ligands in blood plasma, human serum transferrin (Tf), and a cyanine dye, 3,3'-di(3-sulfopropyl)-4,5,4',5'-dibenzo-9-phenyl-thiacarbocyanine-triethylam monium salt (PTC) was investigated using fluorescence spectra, UV/Vis absorption spectra, synchronous fluorescence spectra, circular dichroism (CD) and molecular(More)
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