Xiao-quan Zhang

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Changes in China Fang et al. (1), using forest inventory data to estimate changes in forest biomass carbon storage in China during the past 50 years, demonstrated that China’s carbon storage in living forest biomass has increased since the 1980s. We appreciate their valuable effort; however, the equation used to estimate forest biomass [note 20 in (1)] is(More)
Tabacco (Nicotiana tabacum) has a relatively high requirement for potassium (K). The difference in root characteristics and ability to release K from minerals of flue-cured tobacco in four genotypes ND202, NC628, G28 and NC628 x ND202 were analyzed. The results showed that the more available K released from minerals by roots, the more K would be accumulated(More)
By the method of field in situ culture and 15N isotopic tracer technique, and taking flue-cured tobacco (Nicotiana tobacum) cultivar K326 as test material, a field experiment was conducted in the Nanxiong tobacco-planting area of Guangdong Province to study the characteristics of soil nitrogen (N) mineralization, the patterns of N accumulation and(More)
Taking three flue-cured tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) varieties Y5, Y7, and NC89 as test objects, this paper studied the effects of nitrogen fertilization on their leaf senescence, photosynthetic characteristics, yield, and quality. Increasing nitrogen supply increased the leaf superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, chlorophyll content, and photosynthetic(More)
Differences in nitrogen metabolism were analyzed in mature leaves of three tobacco cultivars with different levels of resistance to brown spot disease (Alternaria alternata) including one resistant (JYH) and two susceptible cultivars (NC89 and CBH). The results were as follows: All three cultivars had low levels of both total nitrogen and leaf tissue NH4 +;(More)
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