Xiao-qing Wang

De-gang Yu2
Yuan-qing Mao2
Zhen-an Zhu2
Ting-ting Tang1
2De-gang Yu
2Yuan-qing Mao
2Zhen-an Zhu
1Ting-ting Tang
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AIM To investigate whether strontium ranelate (SR), a new antiosteoporotic agent, could attenuate cartilage degeneration and subchondral bone remodeling in osteoarthritis (OA). METHODS Medial meniscal tear (MMT) operation was performed in adult SD rats to induce OA. SR (625 or 1800 mg·kg(-1)·d(-1)) was administered via gavage for 3 or 6 weeks. After the(More)
AIM To investigate the roles of the calcineurin/nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) pathway in regulation of wear particles-induced cytokine release and osteoclastogenesis from mouse bone marrow macrophages in vitro. METHODS Osteoclasts were induced from mouse bone marrow macrophages (BMMs) in the presence of 100 ng/mL receptor activator of NF-κB(More)
This paper describes a parallel approach for the rapid generation of ultra-large-scale unstructured meshes on distributed-memory supercomputers. A medium-sized initial mesh is prepared first. Afterwards, a two-level domain decomposition (DD) strategy is used to split and distribute the initial mesh to different cores. Finally, the parallel mesh generation,(More)
Schizothorax prenanti (S. prenanti), one of the important endemic commercial fish in China, is mainly distributing in the upstream of the River Yangtze and the tributaries. The wild population is facing serious challenges of germplasm degeneration due to the overfishing, water pollution and construction of hydropower stations; therefore, it is very urgent(More)
A set of 18 polymorphic microsatellite markers were isolated and characterized for the Babylonia lutosa using a next generation sequencing approach. The number of alleles per locus ranged from 2 to 7. The observed, expected heterozygosities and polymorphic information content per locus varied from 0.0392 to 0.8253, 0.0388 to 0.8216 and 0.0377 to 0.7879,(More)
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