Xiao-qiang Liu

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether atmospheric-pressure dielectric-barrier-discharge plasma treatment of zirconia enhances its biocompatibility with human gingival fibroblasts. MATERIALS AND METHODS The zirconia disks were divided into four groups and treated using helium atmospheric-pressure dielectric-barrier-discharge plasmas for 30, 60 or 90 s or left(More)
Injection and Suturing Technique for Scleral Fixation Foldable Lens in the Vitrectomized Eye The transscleral suture fixation intraocular lens (IOL) technique has been widely used in the management of IOL implantation with loss of capsular support or capsule rupture since its initial report in 1986 by Malbran et al.1 There have been many modifications of(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the coverage errors (CE) of five different shade guides in anterio vital natural teeth of selected people. METHODS Anterior vital natural teeth were measured with Crystaleye spectrophotometer, color coordinates of the teeth and five shade guides A (VITA Classical), B (VITA 3D-Master), C (Chromascop), D (Shofu Vintage Halo NCC) and E(More)
BACKGROUND The Ebola virus disease spread rapidly in West Africa in 2014, leading to the loss of thousands of lives. Community engagement was one of the key strategies to interrupt Ebola transmission, and practical community level measures needed to be explored in the field and tailored to the specific context of communities. METHODS First,(More)
With the development of living standard and the aging society, the incidences of metabolic syndrome and benign prostatic hyperplasia are getting higher and higher. Recent studies show that both metabolic syndrome and benign prostatic hyperplasia are associated with blood vessel injury, hyperinsulinemia and over-activity of the sympathetic nerve. This(More)
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