Xiao-ping Niu

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To accurately measure gene expression using quantitative reverse transcription PCR (qRT-PCR), reliable reference gene(s) are required for data normalization. Corchorus capsularis, an annual herbaceous fiber crop with predominant biodegradability and renewability, has not been investigated for the stability of reference genes with qRT-PCR. In this study, 11(More)
In order to find the correlation between transgelin gene (TAGLN) and colorectal carcinoma occurrence, we investigated the expression of TAGLN in colorectal carcinoma tissue samples and colorectal carcinoma LoVo cells. Meanwhile, the effects of TAGLN on the characteristics of LoVo cells were also examined. The expressions of TAGLN in colorectal carcinoma(More)
Anthracnose, caused by the Colletotrichum species of fungi, is one of the most serious diseases affecting jute in China. The disease causes chlorotic regions with black brown sunken necrotic pits on the surfaces of stems. In late stages of disease, plants undergo defoliation, dieback and blight, which make anthracnose a major threat to jute fiber production(More)
Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) is an economic and ecological fiber crop but suffers severe losses in fiber yield and quality under the stressful conditions of excess salinity and drought. To explore the mechanisms by which kenaf responds to excess salinity and drought, gene expression was performed at the transcriptomic level using RNA-seq. Thus, it is crucial(More)
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