Xiao-pin Wang

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It has been previously shown that peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor gamma (PPAR-γ) is beneficial for nervous system injury. In present study, we examined the effect of rosiglitazone, a PPAR-γ agonist, on spinal cord injury (SCI) in rats. SCI was induced by dropping a 10g weight rod at a height of 25mm. The animals were randomly divided into(More)
Two kinds of Fe-Mn oxide impregnated GAC (FM-GAC-1, FM-GAC-2) were prepared and their arsenite removal performance were studied. The adsorption isotherm and reaction kinetic models of arsenite on the two kinds of modified GAC and influence of solution pH, temperature and co-exist anions were investigated in the study. The results showed FM-GAC-1 and(More)
BACKGROUND Catheter-related infection (CRI) of the central vein is a common cause of nosocomial infection. This study was undertaken to investigate the pathogen culturing and risk factors of CRI in emergency intensive care unit (EICU) in order to provide the beneficial reference. METHODS From January 2008 to December 2010, a total of 1 363 patients were(More)
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