Xiao-ning Cao

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In order to avoid the drawback of “change the lubricant on schedule” and the existing oil monitoring experiments with high costs, complicated operation and poor real-time performance, it's necessary to develop the on-line intelligent monitoring device with a good real-time performance. Through the theoretical and experimental method, this(More)
As the location and loading device, it was necessary to carry out the stress and modal analysis on the structure scheme of the gantry framework, in order to ensure the test precision of the test bench and avoid the resonance. Through the establishment of dynamic model for the bogie parameters determination dynamic test, the gantry framework loading reaction(More)
In order to ensure the performance of vehicle suspension always in good condition, the suspension performance should be detected regularly, to identify the fault symptom and fault reason. In view of the complex correlation of the suspension symptom and fault reason, this paper puts forward the diagnosis method based on fuzzy mathematics, introduces fuzzy(More)
This paper carried out the study on the inverse displacement solution and control principle of 6-Dof loading platform. On the basis of the further study on the virtual prototype and control principle of the bogie parameters bench test-bed with 21 actuators, the inverse displacement solution mathematical model was established by vector norm calculation(More)
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