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PURPOSE To investigate the influence of color vision on myopia development by testing refraction error and axial length of the eye for high school students with and without color vision deficiency (CVD). METHODS A school-based cross-sectional, cluster sample study was conducted to test the color vision and refractive error of 16,539 high school students.(More)
PURPOSE Influence of longitudinal chromatic aberration (LCA) on emmetropization during early eye development has not been studied in primates. We investigated the effects of quasi-monochromatic lighting on refractive development and eye growth in rhesus monkeys. METHODS Infant rhesus monkeys were raised under one of three lighting conditions for 51 weeks:(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the expression of cone opsins in form-deprived myopia (FDM) of guinea pig. METHODS Twenty-eight pigmented guinea pigs aged one-week were randomly divided into two groups: FDM group (n = 14) and control group (n = 14). White translucent vinyl diffuse attached to one randomly selected eye was used to deprive eyes of form-vision in(More)
The human eye has ethnic difference, the existing typical eye models are based on western eyes. A generic eye model based on Chinese population is presented for the first time. The statistical analyzed ocular parameters based on measured data are used for the initial generic eye model, and the wavefront aberration data obtained at two different pupil(More)
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