Xiao-mei Cai

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We reported on the InGaN p-i-n homojunction solar cells with In contents of 0.02 and 0.12. Under the same illumination of Xe lamp, In<sub>0.02</sub> Ga<sub>0.98</sub>N cell exhibited a fill factor (FF) of 67.8%, a higher open-circuit voltage (V<sub>oc</sub>) of 2.15 V while In<sub>0.12</sub>Ga<sub>0.88</sub>N cell showed a FF of 64.8% and a lower(More)
The effects of the light concentration and temperature on the performance of InGaN p-i-n homojunction solar cells were investigated experimentally. With the increase in the light concentration, the short-circuit current density <i>J</i><sub>sc</sub> increases linearly, and the open-circuit voltage <i>V</i><sub>oc</sub> increases logarithmically. However,(More)
Aurora B kinase is essential in the process of mitosis, and its overexpression has been reported to be associated with a number of solid tumors. We therefore carried out molecular docking, molecular dynamics, and molecular mechanics Poisson-Boltzmann/surface area (MM-PBSA) calculations on several structurally diverse inhibitors (pentacyclic, pyrimidine,(More)
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