Xiao-ling Qin

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A liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method was developed and validated for determining tacrolimus (FK506) in rat tissues to study the effect of Schisandra sphenanthera extract on FK506 tissue distribution. After a liquid-liquid extraction with ethyl acetate, FK506 and ascomycin (IS) were subjected to LC-MS/MS analysis using positive(More)
The objective of the study is to investigate the correlation between bilirubin and uric acid (UA) concentrations and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease (PD) in Chinese population. A total of 425 PD patients and 460 controls were included in the current study. Patients were diagnosed by a neurologist and assessed using the Hoehn & Yahr (H&Y) scale. Venous blood(More)
In our previous reports, Wuzhi tablet (an herbal preparation of ethanol extract of Wuweizi (Schisandra sphenanthera)) can significantly increase the blood concentration of tacrolimus and paclitaxel in rats by inhibiting the CYP3A-mediated metabolism and the P-gp-mediated efflux. Cyclosporin A (CsA), a well-known immunosuppressant agent, is also a substrate(More)
We recently reported that Wuzhi tablet (WZ), a preparation of the ethanol extract of Wuweizi (Schisandra sphenanthera), had significant effects on blood concentrations of Tacrolimus (FK506) in renal transplant recipients and rats. The active lignans in WZ are schisandrin A, schisandrin B, schisandrin C, schisandrol A, schisandrol B, schisantherin A, and(More)
Tacrolimus (TAC) is an immunosuppressant that has been widely used alone or in combination with prednisone (PRED) to prevent acute rejection after organ transplantation. Wuzhi tablet (WZ, Schisandra sphenanthera extract) is often prescribed with TAC to prevent drug-induced hepatitis. We recently reported that WZ could significantly increase TAC blood(More)
FTIR spectra from 16 kinds of Camellia Sect. Chrysantha by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) method combined with the system clustering and correlation coefficient method were used to analyze and compare these spectral data. The results, show that: Camellia Sect. Chrysantha of 16 kinds were divided into three groups, the first kind was: C.(More)
A sensitive and rapid method was developed and validated for the quantitative analysis of the novel anticancer agent SZ-685C in rat plasma using high-performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) in negative ion mode in order to support the following pre-clinical and clinical studies. SZ-685C and the internal standard (IS, emodin)(More)
A rapid and sensitive liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) method has been developed and fully validated to determine HS270, a new histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor, in rat plasma using SAHA as the internal standard (IS). After a single step liquid-liquid extraction with acetoacetate, analytes were subjected to LC-MS/MS analysis(More)
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