Xiao-li Xu

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As for the difficult problem of sensitive feature extraction during fault prediction for nonlinear electromechanical equipment, nonlinear dimensionality reduction ISOMAP (Isometric Feature Mapping) algorithm is introduced based on the comprehensive analysis of the operation state data to reduce the dimensionality of high dimensional operation data and(More)
This. paper describes an exergetic analysis on a vapor compression refrigerating system. The exergetic relations have been defined. A mathematical model for carrying out exergy analysis by computer has been developed. An experiment ~nd an exergy analysis on 3 refrigerators/freezers using R12, R134a and R290 have been carried out to illustrate the various(More)
Here, we evaluate the applicability of a new method that combines targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) with targeted haplotyping in identifying PKD2 gene mutations in human preimplantation embryos in vitro. To achieve this goal, a proband family with a heterozygous deletion of c.595_595 + 14delGGTAAGAGCGCGCGA in exon 1 of the PKD2 gene was studied. A(More)
A novel electrochemical sensor for sensitive detection of doxepin was prepared, which was based on a glassy carbon electrode modified with poly(4-aminobenzoic acid)/multi-walled carbon nanotubes composite film [poly(4-ABA)/MWNTs/GCE]. The sensor was characterized by scanning electron microscopy and electrochemical methods. It was observed that(More)
Echo State Network is one pioneering recurrent neural network with the core structure of a randomly generated and unchangeable reservoir. This paper provides a Condition prediction model of flue gas turbine by applying Echo State Network and makes prediction of the overall vibration value. Compared to Elman neural network prediction model, examples show(More)
In order to solve the strong coupling problem existing between the frequency converter-fan-pressure difference loop and the return air damper-CO2 content loop in the pneumatic membrane structure inflation system, this paper studies PID neural network decoupling control algorithm based on neural network theory and PID theory, establishes double-variable(More)
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