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Sediment rating curves in the Ningxia-Inner Mongolia reaches of the upper Yellow River and their implications
Abstract In this study, the relation between water discharge and suspended-sediment concentration (SSC) was analyzed based on daily water discharge and SSC recorded at six stations in theExpand
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A study on the annual runoff change and its relationship with water and soil conservation practices and climate change in the middle Yellow River basin
Based on the long-term hydrological and meteorological series. DEM, soil database and documents of soil conservation measures of the middle Yellow River, investigations are made on the spatial andExpand
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Corrosion resistance of in-situ growth of nano-sized Mg(OH) 2 on micro-arc oxidized magnesium alloy AZ31-Influence of EDTA
Abstract One of the major obstacles for the clinical use of biodegradable magnesium (Mg)-based materials is their high corrosion rate. Micro-arc oxidation (MAO) coatings on Mg alloys provide mildExpand
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The suspended sediment dynamics in the Inner-Mongolia reaches of the upper Yellow River
article i nfo Suspended sediment dynamics are still imperfectly understood, especially in the upper Yellow River where few studies on this issue have been conducted. This study analyzed theExpand
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Effect of strain on the magnetic states of transition-metal atoms doped monolayer WS2
Abstract The effects of transition-metal atoms doping and elastic strain on the magnetic properties of monolayer WS2 are investigated by the first-principles calculation. Firstly, we investigate theExpand
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Microscopic phase-field study for mechanisms of directional coarsening and the transformation of rafting types in Ni–Al–V ternary alloys
Abstract Directional coarsening (rafting) of precipitates and transformation on rafting type under stress are investigated by computer simulations for Ni–Al–V ternary alloys. The simulation techniqueExpand
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Nanopolygons of Monolayer MS2: Best Morphology and Size for HER Catalysis.
With first-principles calculations, we find a new strategy for developing high-performance catalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) via controlling the morphology and size of nanopolygons ofExpand
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The combined effects of food supply and larval density on survival, growth and metamorphosis of Chinese tiger frog (Hoplobatrachus rugulosa) tadpoles
Abstract The Chinese tiger frog Hoplobatrachus rugulosa is one of the most common frog species sold in China as food. To examine the combined effects of food supply and larval density on survival,Expand
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Acute and joint toxicity of three agrochemicals to Chinese tiger frog (Hoplobatrachus chinensis) tadpoles.
We studied acute and joint toxicity of three different agrochemicals (chlorantraniliprole, flubendiamide-abamectin and penoxsulam) to Chinese tiger frog (Hoplobatrachus chinensis) tadpoles with theExpand
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Magainin-modified polydopamine nanoparticles for photothermal killing of bacteria at low temperature.
Photothermal therapy (PTT) is a promising method to kill bacteria because of the broad-spectrum of antibacterial activity and the ability of spatiotemporal regulation. In the previously reportedExpand
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