Xiao-li Cheng

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PURPOSE To investigate the root and root canal anatomical features of maxillary first premolars in 422 teeth. METHODS 422 maxillary first premolars were collected to statistically analyze the root types by sex and to observe the root canals by clearing technique; Vertucci's classification was adopted to get the percentage of each root canal type. The data(More)
This study is to reveal the correlation between CNVs of HMGR, SQS1, beta-AS gene and genuineness of liquorice. Real-time PCR was used to detect the copy number of HMGR, SQS1, beta-AS gene of liquorice. According to the results, the range of the copy number variation of HMGR gene was between 1 and 3, the copy number of SQS1 gene was 1 or 2, and the copy(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the psychological well-being among adolescents of HIV-positive parents. METHODS This study was involving 298 adolescents from 10 to 18 years old, including 54 adolescents of both parents living with AIDS or HIV, 114 adolescents of one parent living with AIDS or HIV and another 130 adolescents from normal families. Only one(More)
This study was conducted to investigate the wild and cultivated resource situation of Rheum tanguticum in main production area of China, estimate its reserves, and put forward the feasible approach for the sustainable utilization of R. tanguticum. On the basis of the literature data about R. tanguticum, conbined with interview, investigation and sampling(More)
Temporal and spatial patterns of phytoplankton community and their associated influencing factors using canonical correspondence analysis (CCA) were analyzed in the Danjiangkou Reservoir, China. Water quality of the reservoir was also assessed using phytoplankton cell density and biodiversity indices. Results showed that Bacillariophyta and Cyanophyta(More)
In the title compound, C(4)H(6)N(3) (+)·NO(3) (-), the cation is coplanar with the anion (r.m.s. deviation = 0.048 Å), and links to the anion via an N-H⋯O hydrogen bond, forming an ion pair. In the crystal, adjacent ion pairs are further linked by N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds into linear chains running along the b axis.
Rheum tanguticum from the same area was divided into 8 types of variation according to the plant morphology, content differences of free anthraquinones, combined anthraquinones, double anthrone were studied. The results showed that the functional components of different variation types were significantly different. The average content of free anthraquinone(More)
Rhei Rhizoma is a Chinese medicine with multiple botanical origins. There is a problem to identify it with conventional methods. To compare the characteristics of chloroplast matK gene sequences of different Rheum species and authenticate inspected species, the matK gene sequences of different species from different origins were amplified, cloned, and(More)
Acholeplasma laidlawii B cells made fatty acid auxotrophic by growth in the presence of the biotin-binding agent avidin grow increasingly poorly at 37 degrees C when supplemented with single exogenous linear saturated fatty acids of decreasing hydrocarbon chain length. Interestingly, this progressive decrease in growth yields with decreasing hydrocarbon(More)
Consumption of chlorinated drinking water is suspected to be associated with adverse health effects, including mutations and cancer. In the present study, the genotoxic potential of water from Donghu lake, Yangtze river and Hanjiang river in Wuhan, an 8-million metropolis in China, was investigated using HepG2 cells and the alkaline version of the comet(More)