Xiao-hui Xia

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Some Chinese herbs are anti-thrombolysis, and anti-inflammatory, improves brain RNA content, promotes brain protein synthesis, enhances dopamine function, regulates brain hormones, and improves microcirculation in central nervous system that might improve, repair and rehabilitation from the stroke and brain injury. Specific Chinese herbs and their(More)
OBJECTIVE E23K polymorphism in KCNJ11 gene is associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In order to explore the mechanism of E23K correlation to related diseases, the effect of E23K polymorphism in KCNJ11 gene on membrane current was investigated. METHODS The exon of KCNJ11 was obtained by PCR amplification and the G-->A mutation was completed(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between hormone sensitive lipase (HSL) gene polymorphism and aerobic endurance. METHODS The (CA)n repeats polymorphism genotypes in HSL intro 6 of 123 outstanding long distance runners and 127 controls of Han nationality in northern China were analyzed by PCR and Fluorescence labeled STR-genescan. Repeat(More)
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