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BACKGROUND Over past two decades, vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) has been widely used and reported to alleviate seizure frequency worldwide, however, so far, only hundreds of patients with pharmaco-resistant epilepsy (PRE) have been treated with VNS in mainland China. The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of VNS for Chinese patients with PRE and(More)
This study was designed to find whether long-term survivors (LTSs) exhibit molecular genetic differences compared with short-term survivors (STSs) in patients with GBM. Tumors from 12 patients initially diagnosed with GBM and survived longer than 36 months (LTSs) were compared with 30 patients with GBM and STSs (survival <18 months) for detecting of MGMT(More)
OBJECT Intracranial epidermoid cysts are rare, potentially curable, benign lesions that are sometimes associated with severe postoperative complications, including hemorrhage. Delayed hemorrhage, defined as one that occurred after an initial unremarkable postoperative CT scan, contributed to most cases of postoperative hemorrhage in patients with epidermoid(More)
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