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BACKGROUND Patients with brain metastases from lung cancer have poor prognoses and short survival time, and they are often excluded from clinical trials. Whole-cranial irradiation is considered to be the standard treatment, but its efficacy is not satisfactory. The purpose of this phase II clinical trial was to evaluate the preliminary efficacy and safety(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce 8 patients with isolated congenital anosmia and to discuss the clinical manifestations, imaging characteristics and family characteristics of this rarely seen disorder. METHODS Eight patients with isolated congenital anosmia treated between April 2007 and April 2012 were reviewed retrospectively. There were 4 males and 4 females. A(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the function of central auditory, Speech-perception-in-noise test (SPIN test) was used to assess that whether temporal lobe epilepsy patients have central auditory processing disorders. METHODS Four audiological test were performed in 9 patients with temporal lobe epilepsy and 19 age-matched normal hearing persons as controls,(More)
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