Xiao-hu Yang

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It is well established that the interaction between cancer cells and microenvironment has a critical role in tumor development, but the roles of miRNAs in this interaction are rarely known. Here, we have shown that miR-106b is up-regulated in cancer associated fibroblasts compared with normal fibroblasts established from patients with gastric cancer, the(More)
QoS-aware service composition is aimed to maximize the global QoS of a composite service when selecting candidate services. In a context sensitive service execution environment in pervasive computing, the context information for service composition is not static: device, policy, and user constraints, and QoS requirements may change, new services may be(More)
MicroRNAs are a class of small non-coding RNAs that play an important role in various human tumor initiation and progression by regulating gene expression negatively. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of miR-214 on cell proliferation, migration and invasion, as well as the functional connection between miR-214 and PTEN in gastric cancer.(More)
BACKGROUND Stroke volume variation (SVV) has been shown to be a reliable predictor of fluid responsiveness. However, the predictive role of SVV measured by FloTrac/Vigileo system in prediction of fluid responsiveness was unproven in patients undergoing ventilation with low tidal volume. METHODS Fifty patients undergoing elective gastrointestinal surgery(More)
AIMS To investigate the reasonable dose of Voluven for rapid plasma volume expansion during the anaesthesia induction patients receiving gastrointestinal surgery. METHODS Sixty patients were randomly divided into three groups (n=20): Group A (5 ml/kg), Group B (7 ml/kg) and Group C (9 ml/kg). HES 130/0.4 was intravenously transfused at a rate of 0.3(More)
BACKGROUND The use of traditional techniques (such as landmark techniques, paresthesia and peripheral nerve stimulator) for upper-limb anesthesia has often been restricted to the expert or enthusiast, which was blind. Recently, ultrasound (US) has been applied to differ blood vessel, pleura and nerve, thus may reduce the risk of complications while have a(More)
Database Security and Protection System (DSPS) is a security platform for fighting malicious DBMS. The security and performance are critical to DSPS. The authors suggested a key management scheme by combining the server group structure to improve availability and the key distribution structure needed by proactive security. This paper detailed the(More)
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