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L6 skeletal muscle cells overexpressed ICAM-1 when treated with H2O2. Maximum effect was observed at 200 μM H2O2. Des-aspartate-angiotensin I (DAA-I) concentration-dependently attenuated the overexpression. Maximum attenuation occurred at 10(-10) M DAA-I. H2O2 activated NFκB and its translocation into the nucleus of L6 muscle cells suggesting that NFκB(More)
AIM To prepare monoclonal antibodies against rat Nogo molecule and study the distribution of Nogo in rat central nervous system (CNS). METHODS Murine mAbs were prepared by hybridoma technique. The distribution of Nogo in rat CNS was identified by immunofluorescent histochemical staining. RESULTS Three hybridoma cell lines, FMU-Nogo1, FMU-Nogo2 and(More)
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