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Hairy roots of Rhodiola sachalinensis A.Bor were induced by Agrobacterium rhizogenes stains A4, 15834, R1601, R1000. These hairy roots can add new perspectives on the prospects and challenges of producing Salidroside, which has been identified as the major compounds from the roots of Rhodiola sachalinensis A.Bor. For high salidroside production, the optimal(More)
Cellulose is a major component in plant cell wall. About 180 billion tons of cellulose are produced per year in nature. The commercial importance of cellulose makes the genes coding it one of attractive targets for plant genetic engineering. A number of cellulose synthase genes have been first cloned from plant species by Delmer's group in 1996. Recently,(More)
The soil salination is a significant abiotic stress for agricultural production and ecological environment. The research on salt tolerance represents an important part for basic plant biology. Genetic analysis of salt tolerance genes in Arabidopsis has become a central issue in this research areas. In recent years, efforts from some laboratories in the(More)
Degenerate PCR is introduced in this paper, including what is degenerate PCR, how to design degenerate primers, how to optimize degenerate PCR parameters, how to applying degenerate PCR to obtain full-length gene and which fields can apply degenerate PCR. The limits and recent advances of degenerate PCR are also discussed. Based on this(More)
A system of virus-induced post-transcriptional gene silencing for studying rbcS gene function was established and optimized using tobacco rattle virus vector and Nicotiana benthamiana as experimental materiaes. The following analyses were conducted: phenotypic characterization of rbcS gene silenced plants, transcription levels of rbcS gene by RT-PCR;(More)
Due to the laborious and scale-up limitation we have developed a simple method named "seed absorption" to express foreign proteins in plants by means of transient expression. It has been shown that the reporter gene GFP was expressed successfully in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) plants by seed absorbing Agrobacterium suspension containing TMV-based(More)
Spinach Rubisco (ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase) large (rbcL) and small (rbcS) subunits were separated by SDS-PAGE, and protein amount and purity were determined by Bradford assay. Polyclonal antibodies against rbcL and rbcS subunit were generated in female BALB/c mice and had no cross-reaction with each other. A total of 81 microg antigens(More)
We investigated the expression of c-kit protein by immunohistochemistry in gametogenesis of locusts and compared their differences by biological statistics between Euchorthippus vittatus Zheng and Euchorthippus unicolor (Ikonn.). We set four representative phases in spermatogenesis and eight representative phases in oogenesis to detect the expression level(More)
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