Xiao-feng Duan

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Obesity is rapidly becoming pandemic and is associated with increased carcinogenesis, especially hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Adipose tissue is considered as an endocrine organ because of its capacity to secrete a variety of adipokines, such as leptin, adiponectin and resistin. Recently, adipokines have been demonstrated to be associated with kinds of(More)
AIM   To compare the surgical treatment outcomes between patients with colorectal liver metastases (CLM) and non-colorectal liver metastases (NCLM). METHODS   The study population consisted of 132 patients undergoing hepatectomy at Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital between January 1996 and December 2008. Survival analyses were used to assess the(More)
Surgery following neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy (NCRT) is a common multidisciplinary treatment for resectable esophageal cancer (EC). After analyzing 12 randomized controlled trials (RCTs), we discuss the key issues of surgery in the management of resectable EC. Along with chemoradiotherapy, NCRT is recommended for patients with squamous cell carcinoma(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is to estimate the effect of extranodal metastasis (EM) on recurrence and survival in patients with adenocarcinoma of the esophagogastric junction (AEG) after curative resection. METHODS Clinical data from 284 node-positive AEG patients who underwent curative resection were reviewed. Univariate and(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the prognostic value of AJCC/UICC pN stage with metastatic lymph node ratio (MLR) and the prognostic difference between the tumor-node-metastasis (TNM) stage and tumor-ratio-metastasis (TRM) stage in patients with adenocarcinoma of the gastroesophageal junction. METHODS Clinical data of 414 patients with adenocarcinoma of the(More)
BACKGROUND To compare the lymph node dissection with the right transthoracic Ivor-Lewis (IL) procedure to that with the left transthoracic (LT) approach for Siewert type II adenocarcinoma of the esophagogastric (AEG) junction. METHODS In this study, 136 patients with Siewert type II AEG who met the inclusion criteria underwent surgical resection were(More)
In a series of poly[di(alkyl) vinylterephthalates] (PDAVTs) synthesized via radical polymerization, fine-tuning the size and shape of the side groups manipulated the supramolecular self-assembly and led to control over the formations between amorphous and 2D ordered hexagonal phases. To introduce the 2D long-range ordered structure, the size of the ester(More)
Splenic metastasis is generally not a common clinical event. However, metastasis to the spleen from adrenal pheochromocytoma is extremely rare and has not been reported in literature. This report presents a case of a 58 year-old male patient who developed spleen-only metastases in July 2007. The patient had a previous history of left epinephroectomy for(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the correlation between extranodal metastasis (EM) and clinicopathologic features as well as the effect of EM on the prognosis in gastric cardia patients. METHODS Retrospective analysis was performed for the 323 cases with histologically proven adenocarcinoma of gastric cardia who underwent curative resection from January 2000 to(More)
Along with the development of hyperspectral remote sensing technology, hyperspectral imaging technology has been applied in the aspect of aviation and spaceflight, which is different from multispectral imaging, and with the band width of nanoscale spectral imaging the target continuously, the image resolution is very high. However, with the increasing(More)