Xiao-dong Zhu

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PURPOSE To investigate prognostic values of the intratumoral and peritumoral expression of macrophage colony-stimulating factors (M-CSF) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients after curative(More)
PURPOSE To identify risk factors relevant to radiation-induced liver disease (RILD) and to determine the hepatic tolerance to radiation. METHODS AND MATERIALS The data of 109 primary liver(More)
PURPOSE Increasing evidence indicates that tumor-derived endothelial cells (TEC) possess a distinct and unique phenotype compared with endothelial cells (NEC) from adjacent normal tissue and may be(More)
PURPOSE To describe the probability of RILD by application of the Lyman-Kutcher-Burman normal-tissue complication (NTCP) model for primary liver carcinoma (PLC) treated with hypofractionated(More)
PURPOSE Radiation-induced liver disease (RILD) is the most severe complication in liver cancer treatment. The aim of this study was to identify dosimetric predictors for RILD in primary liver(More)