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Under a unexpected disaster, The fundamental purpose of emergency evacuation is to take a scientific and effective evacuation strategy to maximize the population of the evacuation of the affected in the shortest time, and in which, the construction of evacuation routes and the distribution of evacuation intersection flow is the key of the realization of(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore material bases and neurobiological mechanisms of "Shen storing will" by observing learning and memory capacities and N-methyl-D-aspartic acid (NMDA) receptor expressions in Shen deficiency constitution (SDC) rats. METHODS Totally 40 SD rats were randomly divided into the model group, the Zuogui Pill (ZP) group, the Yougui Pill (YP)(More)
  • Xiao-di Wang
  • 2013
The effective way for enterprise to win in the competition is innovation. However, due to the limitation of resources, Collaborative Innovation becomes the new trend for enterprise innovation and the motive power of the continuous development of enterprise. This paper makes a summary of references at home and broad from four aspects, motivation, members,(More)
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