Xiao-dan Zheng

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In our present study, we investigated the mechanism of Cd(II) biosorption from aqueous solution by Pseudomonas plecoglossicida using different instrumental techniques. The adsorption kinetics fitted well with the pseudo second-order model, suggesting that the Cd(II) adsorption by P. plecoglossicida consisted of a chemisorption and a physisorption process.(More)
The reactions of [Ni(alpha-SS-L)](ClO(4))(2)/[Ni(alpha-RR-L)](ClO(4))(2) with dca(-) gave two enantiomers of [Ni(SS-L)](dca)(2) (S-) and [Ni(RR-L)](dca)(2) (R-) in acetonitrile/water, and two supramolecular stereoisomers of {[Ni(SS-L)](2)(dca)(3)(ClO(4)).DMF}(n) (Delta-) and {[Ni(RR-L)](2)(dca)(3)(ClO(4)).DMF}(n) (Lambda-) in acetonitrile/DMF, respectively(More)
A novel achiral hexacarboxylic ligand L was synthesized. Spontaneous resolution occurred during the reaction of L with Eu(NO(3))(3) to produce a pair of enantiomers of 1a and 1b with a formula of [EuL(NO(3))(3)(H(2)O)]·13H(2)O, which possesses 1D chiral open channels formed by triple-stranded helical chains. When heated to 60 °C, 1a releases coordinated and(More)
The reactions of racemic and enantiopure macrocyclic compounds [Ni(alpha-rac-L)](ClO(4))(2) (containing equal amounts of SS and RR enantiomers), [Ni(alpha-SS-L)](ClO(4))(2), and [Ni(alpha-RR-L)](ClO(4))(2) with K[Ag(CN)(2)] in acetonitrile/water afford three 1D helical chains of {[Ni(f-rac-L)][Ag(CN)(2)](2)}(n) (1), {[Ni(f-SS-L)](2)[Ag(CN)(2)](4)}(n)(More)
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