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Extracting the protocol message format specifications of unknown applications from network traces is important for a variety of applications such as application protocol parsing, vulnerability discovery, and system integration. In this paper, we propose ProDecoder, a network trace based protocol message format inference system that exploits the semantics of(More)
Flash crowd events (FCEs) and malicious traffic including DDoS and worm attacks present a real threat to the stability of Web services. In this paper, we design a practical defense system that can provide some needed relief from the two types of events and protect the availability of Web services. A novel method of dynamic bandwidth arbitration using(More)
Mapping and analyzing the topological properties of P2P overlay network will benefit the further design and development of the P2P networks. In this paper, the measured Gnutella network topology is basically taken as an example. The properties of degree-rank distribution and frequency-degree distributions of the measured topology graphs are analyzed in(More)
Domain-oriented sentiment lexicons are widely used for fine-grained sentiment analysis on reviews; therefore, the automatic construction of domain-oriented sentiment lexicon is a fundamental and important task for sentiment analysis research. Most of existing construction approaches take only the kind of relationships between words into account, which makes(More)
With the rapid development of social networking services and the diversification of social engineering attacks, new high-infection botnet (called SE-botnet by us), which exploits social engineering attacks to spread bots in social networks, has become an underlying threat. Predicting the threat of SE-botnet can help defenders mitigate it effectively. In(More)
Simulation is widely recognized as an essential tool to analyze large-scale networks. Routing is a key factor which impacts the scale and efficiency of simulation. This paper presents a new approach to routing calculation, storage and lookup, named MTree_Nix. It maintains variable number of spanning trees as the base routing table and uses well-known(More)