Xiao-bo Yang

Sheng-nan Wang2
Xiao-hong Yang2
Jing-kao Chen2
2Sheng-nan Wang
2Xiao-hong Yang
2Jing-kao Chen
2Wen-jian Lan
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BACKGROUND FOXO3a, a member of the forkhead class 'O' (FOXO) transcription factor family, controls a wide spectrum of biological processes, such as DNA damage repair, apoptosis, and cell cycle regulation. FOXO3a has been shown to be a tumor suppressor in various cancers. This study investigated the expression of FOXO3a in primary gastric adenocarcinomas and(More)
Natural xanthones have diversity pharmacological activities. Here, a series of xanthones isolated from the pericarps of Garcinia mangostana Linn, named α-Mangostin, 8-Deoxygartanin, Gartanin, Garciniafuran, Garcinone C, Garcinone D, and γ-Mangostin were investigated. Biological screening performed in vitro and in Escherichia coli cells indicated that most(More)
  • Xiao-yun Gao, Sheng-nan Wang, Xiao-hong Yang, Wen-jian Lan, Zi-wei Chen, Jing-kao Chen +4 others
  • 2016
Oxidative stress mediates the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disorders. Gartanin, a natural xanthone of mangosteen, possesses multipharmacological activities. Herein, the neuroprotection capacity of gartanin against glutamate-induced damage in HT22 cells and its possible mechanism(s) were investigated for the first time. Glutamate resulted in cell death(More)
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