Xiao-bo Yang

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Tiger frog virus (TFV), in the genus Ranavirus of the family Iridoviridae, causes high mortality of cultured tiger frog tadpoles in China. To explore the cellular entry mechanism of TFV, HepG2 cells were treated with drugs that inhibit the main endocytic pathways. We observed that TFV entry was inhibited by NH(4)Cl, chloroquine, and bafilomycin, which can(More)
OBJECTIVE To further articulate the conceptual framework of sub-health by way of literature review. METHODS Published papers and relevant literature about sub-health were collected, the representative publishing about theoretical exploration and practical surveys were focused for analyzing and assessing the category of sub-health, investigative objects,(More)
Infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus (ISKNV) is the type species of the genus Megalocytivirus from the family Iridoviridae. Megalocytiviruses have been implicated in more than 50 fish species infections and currently threaten the aquaculture industry, causing great economic losses in China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. However, the cellular entry(More)
Caveolae, the major source of caveolin-1 protein, are specialized invaginated microdomains of the plasma membrane that act as organizing centers for signaling molecules in the immune system. In the present study, we report the cloning and characterization of caveolin-1 (mCav-1) from mandarin fish (Siniperca chuatsi) and study on the roles of mCav-1 in the(More)
The JAK/STAT signal transduction pathway plays a critical role in host defence against viral and bacterial infections. In the present study, we report cDNA cloning and characterization of the JAK family (mJAK1-3 and mTYK2) and STAT family members (mSTAT1, mSTAT3-6) from the mandarin fish Siniperca chuatsi. To our knowledge, JAK2, TYK2 and STAT6 genes were(More)
Oxidative stress mediates the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disorders. Gartanin, a natural xanthone of mangosteen, possesses multipharmacological activities. Herein, the neuroprotection capacity of gartanin against glutamate-induced damage in HT22 cells and its possible mechanism(s) were investigated for the first time. Glutamate resulted in cell death(More)
A novel heteropolysaccharide (SGRP1) with great immunomodulatory activity was isolated from the root of Smilax glabra Roxb. by hot water extraction. Physical and chemical analyses showed that SGRP1 had an average molecular weight of 1.26×10(4)Da and was composed of mannose, fucose and glucose in molar ratio of 1.00:3.09:39.41. The glycosidic linkage types(More)
Non-randomized studies (NRS) have gradually attracted people's attention in the field of clinical medicine. In this paper, the importance of NRS was emphasized on the viewpoints of the coherence of scientific research, the limitation of randomized control trials (RCTs), the immanent characteristics of TCM clinical practice and the actual requirement of(More)
OBJECTIVE To study TCM syndrome distribution laws in patients with coronary heart diseases (CHD) by epidemiological investigation. METHODS A clinical survey was carried out in 319 inpatients with CHD, whose diagnosis was confirmed by coronary arteriography, in the authors' hospital from January 2004 to December 2004. The TCM syndrome distribution laws(More)
This paper discussed the concept, categorizations, methods and basic principles for establishing of soft index survey tools (SIST) in clinical medicinal field, pointed out the relation between the connatural theoretical and practical mode of TCM and the establishment of SIST having TCM characteristics, and elaborated several key points which should be paid(More)