Xiao-bo Ni

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We report experimental data of mass transfer of oxygen into yeast resuspension in a pulsed baffled bioreactor. The bioreactor consists of a 50-mm-diameter column with the presence of a series of either wall (orifice) or central (disc) baffles or a mixture of both where fluid oscillation can also be supermposed during the experiments. Air bubbles are sparged(More)
A systematic study of thermolysin-catalyzed solid-to-solid peptide synthesis using Z-Gln and Leu-NH2 as model substrates was carried out. The aim was to extend the kinetic knowledge of this new reaction system involving highly concentrated substrate mixtures with little water (10% to 20% w/w). Preheating of the substrates, and ultrasonic treatment, as(More)
We have studied a thermolysin-catalyzed solid-to-solid dipeptide synthesis using equimolar amounts of Z-Gln-OH and H-Leu-NH2 as model substrates. The high substrate concentrations make this an effective alternative to enzymatic peptide synthesis in organic solvents. Water content was varied in the range of 0 to 600 mL water per mol substrate and enzyme(More)
Based on the survey from November 19 to December 24, 2006, the species composition, assemblage structure, and cell abundance of phytoplankton on the continental shelf of East China Sea (24.0 degrees N- 32.0 degrees N, 120.0 degrees - 128.0 degrees E) were studied. The phytoplankton flora in the survey area included 145 taxa, belonging to 64 genera of 4(More)
Enzymatic peptide synthesis can be carried out efficiently in solid-to-solid reaction mixtures with 10% (w/w) water added to a mixture of substrates. The final reaction mass contains >/=80% (by weight) of product. This article deals with acid-base effects in such reaction mixtures and the consequences for the enzyme. In the Thermoase-catalyzed synthesis of(More)
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