Xiao-bing Liu

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A capacity planning problem is described in MTO operation environment for the enterprises group. The orders are accepted by the group and then are allocated to the enterprises for the maximum net revenue. Capacity planning problem is discussed. Order processing and allocating problems are discussed in the enterprises group. An capacity planning model is(More)
Facing new type of challenge which maintain clusters in a dynamic web environment with a high volume of updates and costly re-clustering, the paper describes a novel behavior-based anti-Spam technology based on incremental immune-inspired clustering algorithm. we use an “internal image” network to represent the input data set in order to reduce data(More)
How to generate the candidate itemsets, how to compute the supporting number of itemsets, how to reduce the size of candidate itemsets and how to decrease the scanning times of transaction databases, are four capital technique difficulties of association rules mining. In this paper, we have presented an new idea that transforms the data structure of(More)
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