Xiao-bin Song

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Larvae of the ground beetle genus Eustra Schmidt-Goebel are described and illustrated for the first time and some biological notes are reported. One specimen of an unknown Eustra species was collected while excavating a nest of the ant Pachycondyla javana Mayr, in Taiwan, which is the first report of a paussine associated with a member of the ant subfamily(More)
Three new species belonging to two genera of the aleocharine tribe Termitopaediini Seevers, viz., Dioxeuta rara Song & Li, sp. n., D. yunnanensis Song & Li, sp. n., and Termitopulex sinensis Song & Li, sp. n. from Baihualing Natural Reserve (Southwest China: Yunnan) are described and illustrated. This is the first record of Termitopulex Fauvel, 1899 from(More)
Three new species of the pygostenine genus Doryloxenus Wasmann, viz., Doryloxenusaenictophilus sp. n. (from Zhejiang), Doryloxenustangliangi sp. n. (from Zhejiang), and Doryloxenussongzhigaoi sp. n. (from Yunnan), are described, illustrated and distinguished from the Asian congeners. An identification key to the Chinese species is given.
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