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An approach for Web-based Mathematics Education (WME) is considered. It aims to establish a framework to support authoring of dynamic and interactive mathematics education pages, end-user access through regular Web browsers, and supplying mathematical and educational capabilities through interoperable WME servers. The WME architecture we envision builds on(More)
Reported is an approach for <i>Web-based Mathematics Education</i> (WME). The WME framework is a distributed system that aims to create a <i>Web for mathematics education</i>. Components of the WME framework include the <i>Mathematics Education Markup Language</i> (MeML) for page markup, regular Web servers to deliver pages, WME Page Processors to enable(More)
Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation (IAMC) is a distributed framework to supply mathematical computing powers over the Internet. Presented are conceptual and experimental work on the IAMC architecture, a client prototype (<i>Dragonfly</i>), client GUI, a server prototype (<i>Starfish</i>), the Mathematical Computation Protocol (MCP), mathematical(More)
The Web-based mathematics education framework (WME) aims to create a Web for mathematics education. WME empowers mathematics teachers, learning content developers, as well as dynamic mathematics computation and education service providers, to deliver an unprecedented mathematics learning environment to students and educators. Main WME components include the(More)
The Web-based Mathematics Education (WME) framework aims to create a Web for mathematics education where education content and support services are interoperable on the Web and can be created, deployed, and maintained on a distributed basis. To test the feasibility, practicality, and effectiveness of WME as a way to enhance mathematics education in schools,(More)
BACKGROUND The pandemic of obesity is a global public health concern. Most studies on obesity are skewed toward high-income and urban settings and few covers low-income populations. This study focused on the prevalence of overweight and obesity and their correlations with blood lipids/metabolites/enzymes (bio-indicators) in a rural community typical of(More)
—To propose a gesture model updating and results forecasting algorithm based on Mean Shift, and to solve the problem of target model changing and influenced tracking results in gesture target tracking process. Firstly, the background difference and skin color detection methods are used to detect and get gesture model, and the Mean Shift algorithm is used to(More)
The Mathematics Education Markup Language (MeML) is central to the Web-based Mathematics Education (WME) [12] framework (see Figure 1) under investigation at ICM/Kent. Defined in XML syntax, MeML provides effective and expressive markup elements to represent and structure mathematics education pages that may also contain XHTML and MathML [6] elements. MeML(More)
The Mathematics Education Markup Language (MeML) is central to WME, a Web-based Mathematics Education system under development at Kent State University. With MeML, modules, lessons, manipulatives and tools become well structured, dynamic, easily interoperable, and customizable at different levels. A server-side MeML processor has been designed and(More)